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WECCO offers a unique way to mine WEC cryptocurrency using the staking system ("hold-save"). Staking is a process of holding funds used by owners of cryptocurrency accounts in order to make a profit. In this case, on the site

To participate in the system, you must register on the site and purchase a minimum license worth $30. Then the user deposits their cryptocurrency balance and activates it on the Staking tab. From this moment on, dividends will be accrued to his account every second at the rate of 50% per annum of the amount on the balance sheet. All mined coins are added to the main staking balance.

ACC in the staking pool serves to expand the limits of the deposit (participation in the pool) and increase the percentage of profitability on the funds that are contributed to the staking pool by the participant. The pool consists of funds collected from the purchase of licenses by users. The pool period is 30 days. The limits for creating a deposit in the staking pool are indicated in dollar terms. The deposit is made by the participant in the WEC coin at the site's rate. Payments on the staking pool are made in WEC from the staking pool according to the conditions of the deposit made by the participant, by keeping the deposit by the user on his account in the account. In case of early closure of the stake, the user is not charged interest for the worked period.

An active license is required to participate in the staking pool. The user has the right to use the limit for creating a deposit under his license in full during the entire period of the license. If the user needs to deposit funds into the pool in a larger volume, he needs to purchase a new license. After activating the ACC in the staking pool, you can mine from 10% to 16% of the amount of your deposit in 30 days.

So, the capital holder can only monitor the automatic production of WEC and, if desired, add funds to their account to increase profits. The Staking balance is not frozen.

How to start
  1. Sign up
  2. A minimum license is worth $30
  3. The user replenishes the cryptocurrency balance and activates on the Staking tab

How to increase the WEC mining and expand the deposit limit?

You can increase the WEC mining, as well as expand the deposit limit in the staking pool, using the ACC power unit. Activating ACC in the staking pool allows you to receive additional income of up to 2% per month, as well as expand the limits of deposits from $ 100 to $ 100,000.

How can you get an ACC asset?:

The ACC asset can be purchased in the "Exchange" section of the internal exchange.

Parking in the WEC/ACC pair (accrued daily until the order to buy ACC is completed). Based on 1000 WEC in the parking, $ 10 is charged daily in ACC at the exchange rate at the time of accrual.


Users of the crypto-accelerator project have an additional opportunity to earn money by receiving an RA (RAIDO) token.

The RAIDO token is the digital currency of the WECCO community, the TRC-20 standard, created on the TRON blockchain.

The RA token can be used in the WECCO ecosystem and get even more income thanks to these investments, or sold on the Coin-Galaxy exchange for WEC or USD coins.

How can you get the RA token?

- The RAIDO token is credited as a reward from the purchase of licenses by your referrals;

- Parking in the USD / ACC pair (charged daily until the order to buy ACC is triggered). For every 1000 USD, you get 5$ in RAIDO token at the exchange rate of the site at the time of accrual.:

IMPORTANT! An order in the USD / ACC pair cannot be canceled!

Purchase and sale of ACC on the exchange

ACC purchases are made on a special exchange using funds on the USD balance.

Sellers are early buyers of an ACC asset who have made the decision to exchange the asset for USD, WEC, or other cryptocurrencies.

The price for ACC accelerators is formed automatically based on the ACC sales volume. The price is recalculated after each transaction of units sold.

To purchase ACC, the user must place an appropriate order. Important: the order price will be set at the time of completion of the transaction. In other words, the price may differ when creating a purchase order and when concluding a transaction, since each unit of sale changes the price. It can go up or down depending on supply and demand.

To better understand how the exchange works, imagine 2 glasses. One contains buy orders, and the other contains pending sell orders. Only one glass can be filled.

The trading Commission on the exchange when buying is 1% in USD, when selling-1% in ACC.

After purchasing ACC, the user must go to the Betting tab and click the "speed up" button to activate the accelerator.

In the glass where buy orders are placed, each order is assigned its own ID. All orders are queued by the date when the purchase order was submitted. You sell ACC to waiting buyers. The price in this case always increases! For pending sell orders (in a different glass), the price is reduced from the volume of issued ACCS at the rate of 3000 ACC -1%.

ACC restrictions and expiration date

ACC activations for staking are limited in proportion to the current WEC balance in staking. The site will provide users with information about the available number of ACCS to activate. You can activate the ACC in parts.

and withdrawal of funds

WEC balance can be replenished exclusively in WEC coins, while USD balance can be replenished in BTC, ETH, USDT, PM, Payeer, as well as through the Free-Kassa payment system. When replenished with cryptocurrencies, an automatic exchange for USD takes place at the exchange rate. There is no commission when replenishing accounts.

The user can stop his activities and fully withdraw funds at any convenient time with an active license. The ACC asset can be sold within the daily limits and the total sell limit, according to the current license. The commission for withdrawal and internal transfer of WEC is 1%, and for withdrawal of USD is 5%. The commission for withdrawing the RA token is 5%. Commission for withdrawal in PZM coins - 1%. There is no commission for withdrawal in BIP coins. Minimum withdrawal is 1 WEC.

When a deposit is activated in the staking pool, interest on the deposit is accrued only if funds are retained in the staking pool for 30 days. The body of the deposit can be retrieved at any time, but if the body of the deposit is retrieved earlier than 30 days, no interest is charged on the deposit.

Type of license

Licenses give full rights to use the capabilities and functionality of the resource. The purchase of licenses is carried out exclusively in the WEC cryptocurrency, while the price of the licenses is pegged to the dollar. For Silver, Gold, Platinum licenses, there are special conditions for participation in the staking pool. When the staking limit is exhausted, the user is added the same limit within one license. In case of full or partial cancellation of deposits, the refund of the staking pool limit cannot exceed the total staking pool limit under your license. (There will be a limit on the second deposit, the limit on the first deposit will be considered used.) The validity period of the license does not increase.

At the moment, 4 licenses are available for purchase:

  1. Silver (price - $30, validity-90 days).

    Conditions: ACC buy limit - maximum $ 300, ACC sell limit - $ 150 maximum. Daily sell limit 1% of the total sell limit. There is a 2-level referral program.

  2. Gold (price - $300, validity-90 days).

    Conditions: ACC purchase limit - maximum $ 3,000, ACC sale limit - maximum $ 1,500. The daily sell limit is 1% of the total sell limit. There is a 4-level referral program.

  3. Platinum (price - $3,000, validity-120 days).

    Conditions: ACC purchase limit - maximum $ 30,000, ACC sale limit - maximum $ 15,000. The daily sell limit is 2% of the total sell limit. There is a 6-level referral program.

  4. VIP (price - $15,000, validity-360 days).

    Conditions: ACC purchase limit - maximum $ 150,000, ACC sale limit - maximum $ 75,000. The daily sell limit is 3% of the total sell limit. There is an 8-level referral program.

Referral program

Partner rewards are accrued in the RA asset at the rate in effect at the time of accrual for the target action - the purchase of a license by your referral. There are 8 levels of the referral program:

  1. Level 1

    1,25%, for licence Silver

  2. Level 2

    1,25%, for licence Silver

  3. Level 3

    2,5%, for licence Gold.

  4. Level 4

    2,5%, for licence Gold.

  5. Level 5

    3,25%, for licence Platinum.

  6. Level 6

    3,25%, for licence Platinum.

  7. Level 7

    5%, for licence VIP

  8. Level 8

    5%, for licence VIP

Important: referral interest is accrued in the amount of your current license, in case your referral has acquired a license higher than yours. For example, if you have a Gold license, and your 1st level referral has acquired a Platinum or Vip license, then your reward will be credited in the amount of 1,25% of your Gold license, that is, $ 3,75.