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Accelerate cryptocurrency mining to 200%!

WEC cryptocurrency mining using the "staking" system is accelerated up to three times when buying or earning ACC!

















Last operations:

0.96 ACC
16.70 WEC
0.07 ACC
1.23 WEC
0.00 ACC
0.07 WEC
0.08 ACC
1.38 WEC
0.35 ACC
6.00 WEC

Free ACC

Cryptocurrency mining accelerators are offered free of charge as a reward for members of the partner program

WEC coins-from 50% per annum

Holding funds on the WEC wallet brings WebTokenProfit community members from 50% per annum and more of the amount on the balance

Limited number of ACC

The emission of ACC accelerators at the start was 300,000 units, the maximum allowed number of ACC for release is 1,000,000

How does it work?

  1. Registration and purchase of a license

    To participate in the WEC staking system a user needs a minimum license

  2. Replenishment and activation of the balance

    The participant deposits their cryptocurrency balance and activates it on the Betting tab

  3. Buying ACC to accelerate profit growth

    By activating the ACC accelerator the user gets a significant increase in profit

  4. Reinvestments or withdrawals

    The resulting profit can be reinvested or withdrawn to an electronic wallet if desired


The cost of ACC accelerators is based on ACC sales volumes

Every ACC sold increases the cost of accelerators!

100 000 ACC

Buying and selling ACC on an internal exchange

ACC is sold to waiting buyers at an increasing price at the rate of 1000 (and -20% of the volume for each cycle) ACC units +1%, while waiting for sellers, the price is reduced at the rate of 3000 units -1%.

About us

WebTokenProfit is a global consumer community engaged in WEC cryptocurrency staking

We offer current and potential members of the community several areas for investment, in particular, the system of staking a promising and growing in price cryptocurrency WEC.

  • Availability

    The system is open to everyone

  • Security

    Client's money and personal data are completely safe

  • Support

    We advise on all issues